When possibly the most important man in Utilities states that "Companies must put the public interest first, every day and in every way," you know something serious is afoot. 

The "Big 6," utility companies have seen tumbling market share in the past decade, and something serious needs to change if they are to challenge some of the 60+ challenger brands that are springing up left right and centre. 

This point leads my cynical side to wonder whether or not Mr. Davis is making a play to form a pseudo-government agency and cement himself and SSE as a key player in the utilities sector; I struggle to believe any private sector leader has anyone but his shareholders interest truly at heart. 

I believe that there is more to this;  the SSE CEO has understood the threat of the rapidly crumbling Oligopoly and has the vision to see this isn't something that he, or any kind of budget can fix by itself. He needs power and weight of his consumers behind him.