AI is getting more powerful- that's a given. Its growth has been driven by our ability to capture mindbogglingly enormous amounts of data, use it to determine trends, and provide insight on repeatability that can be taught to bots and machines, reducing both human cost & inefficiency.

Consider Facebooks drive to use chat bots; you can now view an advert on a mortgage, or a car loan, and then discuss with a computer in more detail, through Facebook messenger, elements such as the most suitable rates, repayment plans,  and the likelihood of being accepted.

What this article below really highlights, are the potential drawbacks of getting carried away with an AI-centric culture. Bots must be able to talk to each other about the intricacies of any process they are carrying out, in the way that one customer service rep can discuss a potentially troublesome process with their manager.

Don’t get me wrong, the potential in this area is boundless. What we must be careful of is tripping over ourselves in the name of efficiency, whilst customers are stuck asking a bot: “can I change my password,” only to get the response; “sorry, that’s not an APR% I recognize.”